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Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

The YAC ensures that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and U Choose Campaign has a youth voice.

What is the YAC?

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) started in 2010 to place youth voices at the center of the UChoose campaign. UChoose is dedicated to improving youth sexual health and evidence-based programs promoting youth health and wellness as a part of the B’more for Healthy Babies initiative.


Since its creation, YAC members have met regularly to provide young people’s insights to inform Baltimore City Health Department programs, serve as peer health educators and advocates for their communities, and engage other youth and youth advisory groups to promote the health and wellbeing of Baltimore City’s young people. 

What will I gain as a YAC member?

  • Provide guidance and feedback to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (part of the Baltimore City Health Department, within the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health and the Bureau of HIV/STDs)

  • Engage in professional and leadership development trainings

  • Gain knowledge on healthy relationships and sexual health

  • Become a peer health advocate around reproductive health and STIs

  • Mobilize other young people to raise awareness of the UChoose campaign in neighborhoods with the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STIs

  • Receive a stipend for participation

  • Form lasting relationships with community health leaders in Baltimore City

What do YAC members do?

  • Meet bi-monthly

  • Learn about different health topics affecting teens

  • Provide feedback on campaign messages

  • Plan and conduct outreach activities for youth in the city

  • Develop educational projects and outreach activities

Are you interested in becoming a youth advisor?

Do you fit these criteria?

  • Interested in sexual health topics

  • Live in Baltimore City

  • Between the age of 14-20 years old

  • Able to attend up to two meetings per month

  • If under 18, have appropriate parental consent

If so, complete the application or nominate a young person you know:

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