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Parent and Caregiver Council (PACC)

The YAC ensures that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and U Choose Campaign has a youth voice.

What is the PACC?

The Parent and Caregiver Council (PACC) launched in 2020 to make the voices of trusted adults part of the UChoose campaign. UChoose is dedicated to improving youth sexual health and evidence-based programs promoting youth health and wellness as a part of the B’more for Healthy Babies initiative. The PACC recognizes that trusted adults, especially parents and guardians, are the most important voice in young people's choices about sexual health. 


PACC members will meet regularly to provide parents' and caregivers' insights to inform Baltimore City Health Department programs, serve as advocates for their communities, and engage other parents and caregivers to promote the health and wellbeing of Baltimore City’s young people. 

What will I gain as a PACC member?

  • Professional development training & resources

  • Opportunities for leadership roles

  • Incentives for participation at monthly meetings

  • Improve the health of Baltimore City's young people and communities 

  • Gain skills & experience to develop themselves and young people in Baltimore City

What do PACC members do?

  • Meet monthly

  • Learn about different health topics affecting young people

  • Provide feedback on campaign messages

  • Discuss and solve problems related to youth sexual and reproductive health services

Are you interested in becoming a PACC member?

Do you fit these criteria?

  • A Baltimore City resident

  • Able to attend monthly meetings 

  • The parent, guardian, or grandparent of children ages 10-24

If so, complete the application:

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