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Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

The YAC ensures that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and U Choose Campaign has a youth voice.

What is the YAC?

The YAC (Youth Advisory Council) is a group of Baltimore City teens working to ensure that the UChoose Campaign has youth voice and leadership.

What will I gain as a YAC member?

  • Provide guidance and feedback to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (within the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health) and Bureau of HIV/STDs

  • Engage in leadership and skill building activities

  • Become a peer health advocate around reproductive health and STIs

  • Mobilize other young people to raise awareness of the U Choose campaign in neighborhoods with the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STIs

What does the YAC do?

  • Meet bi-monthly

  • Learn different health topics affecting teens

  • Provide feedback on campaign messages

  • Plan and conduct outreach activities for youth in the city

  • Develop creative and artistic projects for education of youth and outreach

Are you interested in becoming a youth advisor?

Do you fit these critera?

  • Aged between 14-20

  • Live in Baltimore City

  • Commit to regular participation

  • Have appropriate parental consent, if under 18

  • Interested in helping other youth be empowered about their future

If so, apply to join:

Complete an application

Current Youth Advisors
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