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Your UChoose Plan

Congratulations! You are taking charge of your health and that is very powerful! 

You can get a sexual health check and birth control at a clinic. Below are a list of clinics that all provide the following: 

  • Birth control

  • Health exams

  • Breast and cervical cancer screening

  • Sexual health check (STI and HIV testing and treatment)

  • Pregnancy tests and counseling

Use the map below to find the UChoose clinic closest to you:

*Indicates clinics with Spanish-speaking staff. All other clinics have interpretation services available through language lines.​

If you want to get tested for STIs, you have choices​

  • Go to your regular medical provider. Your regular medical provider may not automatically check you for STIs. You must ask them for the tests.

  • Request an at-home STI testing kit:

  • Find more youth-friendly clinics and resources by visiting Y2Connect

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